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Bar Soap Scents 

web lemongrass 05_edited.jpg

Lemongrass has been used in herbal therapy and as a food ingredient for thousands of years
Grated lemon peel is added to make this an excellent exfoliating soap with a wonderful citrus aroma
This soap is a favorite of children, reminding them of lemon bars, so keep it out of reach...
Lemongrass accounts for 20% of my total sales

web lavender 04_edited_edited.jpg

For over 2500 years lavender has been used for pain, mummification, as an antiseptic, for perfume, and a remedy for Black Death. It was made popular by Queen Victoria in England and Shakers in America
This soap is scented with Lavandin, a hybrid oil, and has grated lemon peel and lavender flowers as exfoliates. It is my top selling soap

web cedar 03.jpg

Cedar soap  has an earthy odor that conjures images of time spent in the outdoors of northern Minnesota
Sawdust from my lathe is added as a soft exfoliate
This is a good soap for bathing dogs as it smells like a cedar chip dog bed
It can also be used to repel insects in your closet

web pine 04.jpg

Nothing says Minnesota like the scent of fir trees
The essential oil used to scent this soap is distilled from needles of Russian fir trees that grow in Austria
Like the cedar soap, this contains sawdust as a soft exfoliate 
Fir Needle has been my best selling soap during the holidays for ten years in a row

web honey 05.jpg

This soap is in honor of my Grandmother Teresa
Wild honeysuckle grew profusely around our family farmhouse and in the spring the house was filled with the wafting odor of sweet natural perfume
Me, my siblings and my cousins plucked the blossoms and sipped the nectar in the flowers until the blooming season ended

web mint 03.jpg

I only make one blended soap. The idea for this scent started as one of my first skin cremes - a foot rub creme for a massage therapist
The cedar is good for odor and peppermint is invigorating for tired feet
Cedar/peppermint is my newest "flavor" and has become my third best selling soap

web Frank 04.jpg

Sap is taken from Frankincence trees and dried into a resin that is crushed into powder. It is then mixed with oils and liquids and applied to skin or taken internally.
It has been used for thousands of years as a natural medicine to treat inflammation. More recent studies have shown it relieves asthma symptoms, and slows the spread of some  cancers,

Frankincence has a very earthy and musky aroma.

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